All Clear Foundation is featured as part of Advancements with Ted Danson for its innovative work to support Emergency Responders

All Clear Foundation was recently featured on the award-winning series Advancements with Ted Danson. Advancements is an educational series that shines a light on important issues and topics impacting society today. It features state-of-the-art technologies and solutions dedicated to shaping, molding, and transforming our world. Aiming to create a new level of social awareness, Advancements invited All Clear Foundation to spotlight its solutions to the wellness challenges facing the Emergency Response community.

Every day, Emergency Responders are faced with challenging, dangerous, and draining situations that can result in increased levels of stress injury in the form of depression, anxiety, burnout, and even suicide. People and communities rely on Responders to provide a safety net, often without realizing how difficult the work can be physically and mentally.


Why Emergency Responders are seeking support from All Clear Foundation

Emergency Responders, including Health Care Workers, are experiencing record rates of personal suffering, which can follow them home to their families. More and more frequently, Responders are being called to situations involving violence, severe weather, tragedy, and loss. These occupational exposures can compound the impact of the daily stressors we all face such as inflation, childcare issues, personal health, and instability.  

Responders are often viewed as superheroes, naturally equipped to do this work but they're not...they are  humans just like everyone else and it is the human behind the badge, the uniform, the scrubs, and the headset who suffers.

Who is All Clear Foundation

All Clear Foundation is a national non-profit focused on supporting  the overall wellbeing: mental, emotional, physical, and social of Responders and their families. Founded in 2019, the organization's mission is to improve the overall wellbeing and longevity of those who serve our communities in times of need. All Clear believes that healthy Emergency Responders contribute to healthier communities.

“Responders are not just on the front line; they are the front line. So, we wanted to create a foundation that could be able to have responders around the country, have full access to some of the best practices and tools that are developed throughout this country, by Responders for Responders”. – Randy Owen, Founder

How All Clear Foundation Addresses Emergency Responder Needs

To address the needs of the Response community, All Clear Foundation has created a comprehensive ecosystem that delivers Solutions focused on the spectrum of wellness. Through strategic partnerships, the Foundation has assembled free, vetted, evidenced-backed, and easily accessible Solutions that address the various impacts of the cumulative stress and trauma of Emergency Response work.

All Clear Foundation's Comprehensive Evidence-Backed Approach

 Empowering Emergency Responders with the knowledge and tools to cope with stressors in adaptive ways helps improve their wellbeing and life expectancy. All Clear Foundation believes in empowerment through knowledge and the normalization of the human responses to abnormal occupational exposures.  

All Clear Foundation’s primary goal is to engage Responders by meeting them where they are. We all experience and manage stress in different ways. Some focus on the resulting physical and medical impacts while others focus on the social, emotional, or mental impacts so All Clear has created multiple portals for entry and exploration. Through its network of digital, hybrid, free, and educational resources, ACF works to eliminate the 3 major barriers to Responders and agencies reaching out for help: geographic, financial, and stigma.

What Solutions All Clear Foundation Offers

 All Clear Foundation offers a centralized hub of support resources for Emergency Responders and their families. Their Solutions include:

  • ResponderStrong A mental health and resiliency ecosystem designed to improve awareness, spark conversation, guide to vetted clinical resources, and provide tailored educational content including relationship and communication skills, occupational mental health, suicide awareness, and resiliency skills.

  • ResponderStrong Mental Health Curriculum Train the Trainer Workshops – A mental health curriculum, created by Responders for Responders, covers the physiology of stress, stress injury formation, occurrence of stress injuries among the professions, suicide awareness and prevention, and resiliency. The Train the Trainer Workshop is offered free to agencies and Responders, empowering local wellness champions with the knowledge and tools to teach this engaging and relevant content.

  • YOU | ResponderStrong A free, confidential digital wellness tool available 24/7 to Emergency Responders, including Health Care Workers, and their families. Burnout has been identified as one of the greatest challenges of frontline workers and their families. Consistent self-care practices integrated into daily routine are an effective way to boost resiliency and promote healing. This browser-based tool allows users to create their own self-guided experience via private self-assessments, curated wellness content, coaching modules, goal setting opportunities, habit building, shared personal stories, and an external resource guide.

  • Responder and Family Resource Directory A comprehensive directory of vetted resources compiled by the All Clear Foundation team. This database includes organizations, programs, resources, and tools benefitting Emergency Responders and their families.

  • Responding to Relationships Created in partnership with the Center for Relationship Education, this program offers more than 40 relationship and communication skill modules tailored to the Emergency Responder experience. Content is available in a variety of formats including in-person, train the trainer, and on-demand (RESPOND Online). Positive impacts from this education and experience are seen in both the workplace and home life.
  • Crisis Text Line Responders across the country can text BADGE to 741-741 to connect confidentially with a trained crisis counselor. Help for any overwhelm is available 24/7 through this easily accessible and confidential solution.


By providing access to the best practices and tools available and by collaborating with other Responder focused organizations doing great work in the field, All Clear Foundation is working to take care of those who take care of us.

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