All Clear Foundation listed as a top charity for First Responders

All Clear Foundation is grateful to be included among the 9 Best Charities for First Responders (Complete 2022 List) by Impactful Ninja.

 All Clear Foundation is a 501c3 public charity who holds a Platinum Seal of Transparency from Guidestar.

All Clear Foundation’s mission is to improve the overall wellbeing and longevity of those who serve our communities in times of need. We believe healthy Emergency Responders contribute to healthier communities.

The daily demands of the job can take a toll on those who serve, whether as a Healthcare Worker or field Responder (EMS, Fire, Law Enforcement, Dispatch, Disaster Response, and others trained to support our communities), as well as their loved ones.

Anxiety, depression, substance misuse, addiction, and suicide are on the rise. The humans behind the badge, the uniform, and the scrubs are suffering from the impacts of the job. We believe Responders should not pay for their service with their lives, either in quality or longevity. 

By assessing community wellness needs, priorities, and barriers, All Clear Foundation leverages the power of strategic partnerships to create easily accessible and navigable Solutions, improving the well-being and longevity of those who serve our communities. Hire through retire, career to volunteer- we are here to support you.

Some Recent All Clear Foundation Achievements 

  • Through our ResponderStrong Train the Trainer Mental Health Curriculum, All Clear Foundation has trained more than 750 Emergency Responders with mental health support tools to share with their respective Agencies. The curriculum helps improve the mental health of its Emergency Responder participants. It is being offered at more than 20 locations nationally in 2022.
  • In 2022, All Clear Foundation was the proud recipient of a HRSA grant. The grant funding will provide essential mental health and wellness Solutions to 150 Emergency Response and Healthcare agencies supporting small, rural, and/or medically underserved communities over the next 3 years.
  • All Clear Foundation offers YOU|ResponderStrong- a FREE digital platform, available 24-7, with hundreds of evidence-based resources and tools to support Responders, Healthcare Workers, and their loved ones with their personal and professional wellbeing.

 To learn more about the impact of our Solutions, please visit our website.

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You can also personally honor a Responder or remember a special individual who made the ultimate sacrifice with your donation. Every dollar donated has an incredible ability to immediately change a Responder’s life. To make your tax deductible gift today, please click here.

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