Mental Health Training for Emergency Responders in Seattle

All Clear Foundation hosts ResponderStrong Train the Trainer Mental Health curriculum in Seattle. This training is for all Emergency Responders who have been feeling stressed or are curious about how stress can impact their overall health. 

This course is offered free of charge thanks to our sponsor, FirstNet Built with AT&T. 

Our Train the Trainer workshop provides participants with foundational knowledge of Responder mental health, including:

  • Stress – the body’s physiologic response, and why and how it manifests in emergency responders
  • Post-traumatic stress injury– what it is and how to seek help
  • Resiliency – what it is and ways to develop it further
  • Suicide – occupational data, risk factors, and response

This training helps increase your knowledge and erode the stigma that leads so many Responders to suffer in silence. Through this short course, Responders find themselves empowered to better manage the mental and emotional challenges of the job.

This FREE workshop is available virtually or in person in Seattle on November 18.

Register at here

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