Podcast: Helping Officers and Their Families Manage Stress

Dr. Jarrod Sadulski talks to Rhonda Kelly, Executive Director of the All Clear Foundation, about resources and training to teach officers how to manage cumulative stress, self-regulate, and control their nervous system.

“With the COVID restrictions, unfortunately, many of us have been inadvertently robbed of the self-care practices that keep us recharged, that keep us replenished, that keep us healthy and strong. … We find officers now coming into work with a new state of hyper-vigilance, feeling attacked publicly in social media, feeling attacked publicly in person at the demonstrations, and even just in the course of their daily activities. And even feeling like they’re under increased scrutiny from their family members and from their friends—members of the community who fail to recognize the bias in the media and some of the unfair broad-brush approach that’s been taken to law enforcement.” - Rhonda Kelly

Listen to the episode here.

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