ACF Offers Mental Health Training for Trainers

All Clear Foundation is a strong believer in the ability of Responders to take effective action to protect themselves when they are empowered. So, we created this four-hour highly engaging class covering stress injury, the impacts of stress, and ways to effectively mitigate them.

The ResponderStrong Mental Health Curriculum was developed by a team of educators, emergency responders and mental health clinicians to incorporate into emergency responder training at any level: entry, peer support, in-service, or family events. This half-day curriculum provides students with foundational knowledge of responder mental health, including:

  • Suicide – occupational data, risk factors, and response
  • Stress – the body’s physiologic response, and why and how it manifests in emergency responders
  • Post-traumatic stress injury– what it is and how to seek help
  • Resiliency – what it is and ways to develop it further

The original one-time class format was so successful, we decided to expand our reach through the creation of a Train the Trainer Workshop.

To scale it nationally, we partner with corporate and philanthropic supporters to provide these one-day Workshops FREE of charge to agencies, champions, and ambassadors across the country. We save reinventing the wheel by empowering these formal and informal leaders with the vetted content that resonates with Responders. 

Learn more about the curriculum here.

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