Emergency Responders are Essential to the Safety of NTT INDYCAR

NTT INDYCAR drivers and their teams are championing Emergency Responders through their advocacy for All Clear Foundation again this race season.

All Clear Foundation is a national nonprofit dedicated to supporting the common and diverse challenges of the Responder community. The cumulative stress and trauma of Emergency Response work can erode a Responder’s health, wellbeing, and relationships. Many, unfortunately, experience a decreased personal quality of life as a consequence of the job.

This partnership is especially important to NTT INDYCAR because Responders are integral to the safety of the NTT INDYCAR race series. The AMR NTT INDYCAR Safety Team is comprised of approximately 40 “best of the best” Emergency Response individuals representing various parts of the emergency rescue system. They continually exhibit their expansive emergency training skills on the track to keep drivers, teams, and fans safe at every race.

Most important to their role in motorsports is the Responder’s intensive training to maintain composure under immediate and extremely stressful and life-threatening situations. Like Emergency Responders in our communities, they are summoned to respond to an incident in a split second.

As in the profession of a Responder, each AMR NTT INDYCAR safety team member has a specific assignment, however most critical to their relationship to racing is they work as a highly diverse, skilled team. The factors an AMR Responder must calculate in an instant contributes to the intensity of their job. Fortunately, unlike their day-to-day job challenges, each Safety Team member has built a tremendous bond with the drivers. When a track incident occurs, the driver can count on a trusted and familiar face to ensure their wellbeing is paramount.

NTT INDYCAR Racefans are joining their drivers to support all Emergency Responders. Together they support the human behind the badge, the uniform, and the scrubs who have to live day-in and day-out with what they have witnessed and can’t un-see.

This partnership is especially important to recognize today as May is National Mental Health Awareness Month. Mental Health Month raises awareness of trauma and the impact it can have on the physical, emotional, and mental well-being of children, families, communities and Emergency Responders who most often are here for us on our worst days.

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