Podcast: Providing Support for First Responders during Stressful Times

First Responders have faced an unprecedented amount of stress in the last year. Listen to this American Military University Edge podcast with All Clear Foundation Executive Director, Rhonda Kelly, discussing resources, tools and training to help First Responders heal from trauma and build resiliency.

“…we were all suffering from preventable causes from the stress injury accumulation, and that two of the biggest factors were that arguably our single greatest exposure over the course of our careers is the intense trauma and pain and suffering of others. That is compounded by a culture that tells us very, very clearly that to admit any sign of mental or emotional impact is to admit a sign of weakness and you just don’t belong here. So those two things in conjunction with one another and the complete absence of training to prepare us for this were really problematic across branches. … And 2016 we founded ResponderStrong…” - Rhonda Kelly

Listen to the episode here.

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